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Considering a Whippet?

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Carly and Rajah

Breeders often have adult whippets looking for homes for various reasons. Sometimes a show puppy doesn't live up to her potential; occasionally there's a dog who doesn't get along with another dog in the household. Sometimes a breeder just realizes she has more whippets than she needs! (They are addictive, after all.) If you want an adult whippet, check with rescue first. If there are no rescues available in your area, start checking with breeders.

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The "Timbreblue Family" is a warm and welcoming group of people who have our whippets and are there to provide support for each other and new owners. The group has a central email list and a Facebook group. It's a great place to swap stories, ask questions, and offer suggestions about products or methods that have worked for you. The atmosphere is lighthearted and communal. Everyone has an equal voice and all opinions are respected. We have a few email list etiquette guidelines, which are mostly unsaid, such as no politics or religion. The conversation for the most part revolves around our whippets, with occasional diversions. It's a chatty list, averaging 2-5 messages per day. A digest format is available. The email list is invitation-only for our whippet owners.

One of the recent initatives of the Timbreblue Family is The Luna Fund, which is a voluntary fund set aside for catastrophic veterinary bills. If a Timbreblue/Marnay family is blindsided by a vet bill they cannot afford, they can ask for assistance. Learn more about the Luna Fund >

The Timbreblue Annual Reunion is a gathering of our whippet owners and friends that we hold once a year at "Love on a Leash" (a dog park and training facility) in Harrisonburg, Virginia. They have a wonderful indoor-outdoor area, double-fenced and safe for the dogs. We also do a pot luck lunch and have a lot of fun hanging out, putting faces with names, and watching the dogs act crazy!

We also maintain a general interest email list called "Timbreblue Pupwatch" which was originally intended for people interested in our puppies. It has since grown into a group of friends, other breeders, and owners of whippets to share stories and learn about their dogs. We also post information about upcoming litters to the list, so it's a good way to keep informed about what's new at Timbreblue.

We also maintain a private, Timbreblue owners only, email list through Yahoo Groups. This list deals more in-depth with problems, solutions, advice, and community knowledge. We do a lot of sharing of great sales on doggy stuff, comparing notes on which products work best, and suggesting vendors for the whippet-specific products we all need. We also share a lot of photos and funny stories about our whippets as they grow up, and support those members whose elderly whippets have passed on. It's truly an extended family that grows and supports one another through the happy times and the challenging times.

Social Media

We have an active Official Facebook Page, along with a Facebook Community Page, and both Sharyn and Jo maintain active Facebook pages of their own, with lots of posts about dogs. Our husbands, Walt and Derek are another story. Walt refuses to admit that Facebook is anything but a passing fad, and Derek just plays Facebook games, and rarely posts about dogs. We also tweet under the handle @Timbreblue -- you can find all of these links below:


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