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Considering a Whippet?

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Timbreblue Shows Her Panties

Many people believe that an adult dog will never bond to a new owner as well as a puppy would. This is, at least in the case of whippets, absolutely not true! The whippet is definitely a "love the one you're with" breed and most adult whippets adapt very readily to a new home.

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We collect links from around the web that we find useful and we hope that you will, too.

Collars & Bling

Collar Addict - Colorful leather-lined collars with ribbon trim.

2 Hounds Design - Stunning satin-lined collars covered with fine fabrics, including Asian silk.

Sexy Beast Dog Collars - Dazzling custom leather collars (including snakeskin!).

Mrs. Bones - Luxury collars in gorgeous fabric lined with satin.

Fuzzywumpets - Plush lined collars, leads, harnesses & more.

Midnight Sun Beading - Stunning hand-beaded necklaces made to order for your dog. The necklaces should be sized to hang a little lower than your dog's collar.

Posh Pawz - Truly decadent collars, jewelry, coats and more.

Classic Hound - From basic to extravagant collars, plus people stuff (matching keychains!).

Northwind - Martingale collars, leads, slip leads, and more -- made by a whippet breeder.

Long Dog Leatherworks - From manly to elegant, gorgeous leatherwork. Personalized collars available.

Coats & Clothing

Decotogs - Cozy whippet pajamas with two legs or four. These are a must-have for whippet owners, to keep your hounds cozy on cool evenings.

Chilly Dogs - Outdoor gear for dogs -- some SERIOUSLY warm coats.

Hound Togs - Handmade coats made to your measurements, made by a whippet breeder.

Taylor Made Coats - We particularly love the Wistwind Warmups, but all of her coats are very nice.

WhipKnits - Custom knitted whippet sweaters in a rainbow of colors.

Doggone Chic - Sportswear for athletic dogs - the original BodyShirt.

Blue Willow Dog Coats - Coats, raincoats, crate pads and more.

Accessories & Home Goods

Cozy Caves - From Drs Foster & Smith. These are a must-have for many whippet owners. Large is a good size for one or two whippets, extra-large is great for 2-4 whippets who like to snuggle. The regular Cozy Caves are in solids, but F&S also has Luxury Cozy Caves in lovely prints and Orthopedic Cozy Caves with extra padding. The covers on Cozy Caves can be easily removed and machine-washed and dried.

Dog Beds from Overstock - This is a great source of dog beds for reasonable prices. Make sure you check to see if the product description says the bed or cover is washable.

Orvis Dog Beds & More - Orvis beds are top quality and last forever. The dogs love them, too!

In The Company Of Dogs - These guys put out a gorgeous catalog with beautiful beds, clothing (hound & people), home furnishings, and accessories.

Whippet decor, etc. by Debbey Bartos - Debbey makes lovely whippet outline wall art and other creative home accessories, along with collars and other gear.

Agility Tools - Agility equipment for home practice - from Timbreblue's own Bobbie & Fred Lutz!

Books -- There are lots of books on dogs out there, even lots of books on whippets. We think these are the best.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting and Owning a Dog
by Sheila Boneham ~ Absolutely the best general dog care book we've ever seen. Seldom does a book come along that we can't find anything wrong with...but this may be it! A must for all dog owners. There are other Complete Idiot's guides to dogs -- be sure to get the one by Sheila Boneham.

Whippets: Everything About Purchase Adoption, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training, by D. Caroline Coile. This inexpensive little book is part of the Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals series, and is the best guide for the new whippet owner we've seen. We send one home with every puppy. A very good investment for someone thinking about getting a whippet!

The Whippet by Bo Bengsten -- A comprehensive book written by a well-known whippet breeder for the serious student of the breed. Covers the general character of the breed, selection and care of the puppy, history, showing and judging, evaluation, an overview of racing and coursing, and a rundown on the best-known lines and breeders in North America, Britain, and around the world. The pictures are stunning, the book is easy to read and following, and we recommend it highly to anyone who likes learning about whippets. 

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