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ViolaViola was special from the very moment she was born. Our elderly whippet, Alexis ( became ill the week of Viola's birth. We struggled through three months of treatment, some up and downs, but eventually had to make the decision to let Alexis go. Viola was very special because she arrived at the right time, and she looks remarkably like Alexis. In fact we almost named her Alexandra, but we wanted her to have her own identity and be her own self. 

Viola is seriously smart, and learns little "tricks" often like the basic obedience stuff, "talk", "up" (which I can only describe as dancing like a circus dog), it goes on and on. She's very patient and sweet with the other dogs, including her sister Rini's puppies from 2010, who she helped clean and babysit. It's nice to see such strong maternal instincts. Her mother Juliet was also a fantastic mother to her puppies.

Viola with baby PippaViola was bred to our boy Blue, and gave birth to nine healthy puppies on March 21, 2013. From that litter we kept Sophie-Grace (Timbreblue Plays the Princess). We were delighted to see that Viola passed on her father Justin's beauty along with her own sweetness and intelligence. Viola is currently retired from our breeding program, but she is still the very best auntie to our young puppies. She just adores puppies and is incredibly patient and affectionate with them. She's a very special girl!




Call Name: Viola
Litter Name: Viola
Registered Name: Timbreblue Flirts With Shakespeare
Birth Date: October 25, 2008
Litter: The Shakespeare Litter 
Sire: Ch Bohem Just in Time CR ("Justin")
Dam: UCh Timbreblue Loves a Romeo ("Juliet")
Color: White & blue brindle
Pedigree: Click to view pedigree on The Whippet Archives


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